My Story

Hi there!


I'm Shamim, founder and owner of Shamim's Pantry.  Let me tell you a secret, I love, love, absolutely love ghee!  And yes, my love for ghee began way before any of the popular food trends noticed ghee as a superfood.

I grew up eating Ghee, so Ghee is in my bones!  My fondest memories are of playing in the kitchen as the caramel scent of ghee wafted around the kitchen as it cooked.  I would watch wide eyed as my mum and grandmother strained the golden liquid into huge stainless steel containers.  And I have been hooked ever since.

I really enjoy hand crafting ghee in the traditional Indian way over an open flame.  It makes me happy watching the yellow butter turn to an amber gold liquid.  I began making ghee for my family at first, then my friends and then for the farmer's market.  The ghee has been 'flowing' since and now I have the opportunity to make ghee for you.  

I have a severe passion for food, especially natural and minimally processed foods.  Quality is absolutely important to me and I believe in bringing these wholesome healthy products to my family table.  I feel I can do the same for you too.  

So here's a little something from my Pantry to yours...


For the love of ghee,