Where do you get your butter from?

We source our butter from small family farms here in the midwest.

Why is your ghee more expensive than a grocery store brand?

We start with a high quality butter, pasture raised and local, that is fresh and has not been sitting around for a couple of months before being put on sale.

Is your Ghee steam kettle cooked or is it cooked on the stove top.

We love the taking our time to bring the perfect ghee to your table so we slowly render the water out of the butter over the stove.

Is my ghee supposed to look grainy?

Yes, that is the true form of a perfectly made ghee.  The granules of ghee are the little flat globules that slowly melt around your mouth and leaves that amazing buttery flavor in your mouth.

Why does my ghee look like it's separating?

Usually on warmer days the ghee does sepearte into what seems like a clear yellow liquid towards the top and solid ghee at the bottom.  That is perfectly alright.  WE do not use fillers or anything else, to obtain a uniform look.  We let nature do it's thing.  If you prefer, please give it a stir and refrigerate overnight to achieve the texture desired.

Really, this is made from butter.  Why would I not regrigerate it?

We get this question a lot, and that's okay.  When we make our ghee, we strain it to remove all milk solids.  In butter it's the milk solids that make it rancid or go "off".  Luckily we don't have this problem with ghee because we strain it ro remove the milk solids before bottling.

I can I use it instead of butter?

Sure you can. I would use 3/4 cup of ghee for every 1 cup of butter called for in a recipe.  (something I learned from The urban patteserie cook book).