Organic Ghee (Original) 14oz

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Organic Ghee (Original) 14oz

Our organic ghee is made from the non-homogenized milk of pasture raised cows living on small family farms. This certified organic milk is slow churned before it's made into butter.

We make our Hand Crafted Ghee the traditional Indian way in small batches over an open flame in a seriously large stainless steel pot. And never in a vat-pressure cooker like some brands. This gives our ghee it's unique caramelized flavor. The Ghee is meticulously filtered and hand poured into clean glass jars.

On warmer days the ghee will separate into a clear golden liquid at the top and a creamy grainy textured ghee a the bottom. This is perfectly alright. If you would like your ghee of spreadable consistency, give it a quick stir and refrigerate it for a few hours.

  • Available most of the year.
  • Lab tested to be Lactose Free.
  • Shelf stable for up to one year, even after it is opened.
  • Made with Organic Unsalted AMERICAN Butter.

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