Vanilla Honey Ghee (8oz)

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Vanilla Honey Ghee (8oz)
Organic Ghee and Honey is a marriage made in heaven.  Add a dash of vanilla and it sparks a romance for years to come.  As a child, my mum would slather honey and ghee onto a thick slice of warm bread for me and I've been in love ever since!  
Shamim's Pantry Vanilla Honey Ghee is made with local ingredients - fresh organic ghee, that I make myself, and a premium raw honey.
Here's a jar of my childhood favorite, from my Pantry to yours.
Drizzle over warm popcorn or fresh fruit.  Stir into a cup of tea or coffee.  Use it as a healthy alternative for frosting your cakes and cookies.  Or simply scoop into a bowl and dunk away!
Warning:  Can be highly addictive - just saying! ;)
  • Available most of the year.
  • Lab tested to be Lactose Free.
  • Shelf stable for up to one year, even after it is opened.
  • Made with Organic Ghee from LOCAL Butter.
Ingredients: Organic unsalted butter, raw honey and vanilla beans extract (seeds and extract)
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